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23. 7. 2017

Sherlock Anglicky a Česky, část 2.

               Tower of London 11:00

     „Go way down this road straight“ as she said Guy. To some people and last stops, something began to take photos with mobile, phone hook a picture of a policeman, a sign regalia and showed his face and it was MORIARTY :( , chew gum.

          Sherlock at home...

Cellphone beeped „it is yours“ said John „hm, anyone bothers“ said Sherlock, John sat in his chair and said „so, what did with him for so long chatting?“ „o Henry Fishrant that dit not commit suicide, Greg gendarmes, not overlooked“ said Sherlock „emergenci?“ zeptal se John „these are all unrsolved“ said Sherlock.

          In Moriarty...

Moriarty has undergone such that the metal detector or something, and he beeped „sorry sir, you have something metal keys, cell phone etc., etc.“ as she said Guy, Moriarty Headphones from his pocket an put them on  such a small table or something „thank you“ he said the guy again, Moriarty passed arond the matal detector and took the headphones. Moriarty came into the room with the coronation jewels and and and and (please read this part of the mysterious voice) :) looked at it and put on his headset, strerched his head turned on some music (no longer have to read this mysterious voice) „I'd like some tea what about you?“ said Officer number 1. „yeh what not?“ said Officer number 2.

               The Bank of England 11:00...

    „Bonds and seven Dutch Telekonto us falling how Miari“ as she said Guy.


                   Pentonvill prison 11:00...

     „So what do you think we all reject the dismissal and start again make? Let's go!“ as she said Guy.

          In Moriarty...

Moriarty pulled on his mobile phone a bit, which opens and de it inside te bit so it went there to see such a troll mines numbers and then what is the 'numbers' turned and when there to see the camera, it started Blyk and beeping and some kind and voice rivers „the alarm  was raised, please exit the building“ said a voice „sir please exit the building“ rivers and some guy Moryarty sprayed mi in the face „the alarm was raised, please exit the building“ he repeated the voice. Some guy came (to zou computer) laid beside them coffee and called someone appeared with his feet and suddenly the door opened and there appeared a lady who does not know her name and said „Mr. Occurred burglary“ „It does not belong to us“ he said the guy who's also do not know her name „yeah this“ said the woman. 

          In Moriarty...

Moriarty on your mobile squeezed a little pig and pulled him out of Pigs happened a lot of money, again troll numbers. (Read a suspicious voice!) coffee began to tremble (end suspicion) „It is bad“ some guy said, looking at the computer where it was written TREZOR OPENS, guy with his mouth open looking somewhere (where haj about? On the computer inteligente!!!) yeah abot the computer (probably?) well, yes (I think) :) Uh... well here where it endet up, yeah, and he poured coffee (sad end coffee) have either one Stich brackets (uh uh huh uh huh yeah all the time) „security broke into the London Tauro, as?“ (so what...) shut up. He told the guy how furgot her name (i wonder how come you do not know what his name) you just cant not bat quiet as????? (when I think about it... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) You simply have to také a whole row just for myself that braces?? (yes) the one small BARRIER!! (somebody help my).

     After a hile...

So where was I? Yeah here, the guy „they broke into the London Tauro, as?“ cell phone rang and the woman picked it up „tell them that we are going“ rivers guy „there is another one more bulgary... central bank“ said the woman, oh really catch (it will shorten up some shit, hopefully mom will understand even so if it's her favorite part of Sherlock, or not?) the first time you're right parenthesis (first?) yeah the first time >:( (how dare the one...) but just Moriarty smashing the glass in the crown jewel police come and tell Moriarty (Oh, and the Moriarty, he forgot the say that there's glass on something he wrote what he wrote but you will not know until later Moniko Martinková although it had higher but so what? 1* yeah you can go) well, well, Moriarty said, not so not Moriarty do not know the guy who said his name „what name?“ and the woman replied „Pentonville prison“



Moriarty photo :) (jsem počítačový amatér, takže nevím, jak sem mám ty fotky dát, ale to "Moriarty photo psala fakt Klára k téfotce :D)

,,no, no" said the guy.







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